Close Encounters:

Romina’s work is more than wildlife and nature photography; it tells a story of the creatures we share our planet with. It has a mission to represent, sustain, and protect the lives of all living creatures.

Brown Bears

Bears have been hunted since prehistoric times for their meat and fur. In this collection, Romina captured the life of Brown Bears that are already at risk of local extinction.

walking bear


Penguins are popularly loved around the world. This collection consists of Romina’s close interaction with penguins in Antartica..


Zebras are animals that thrive in grasslands or savannas. This collection highlights Romina’s observation of zebras in their natural habitat.


Gorillas only exist in the wild in Africa. With their shrinking number over the years, animal advocates are working hard to protect these great apes.


The cheetah’s habitat is now only 11% of its former size. Romina explored strongholds for cheetah populations in Africa to capture the solitary life of these fast, but timid predators.

Polar Bears

Melting sea ice threatens survival to polar bears when they go searching for food in the summer. Romina visited these marine mammals as they hunt and scavenge carcasses in the Arctic Circle.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle is the only eagle unique in North America. The recovery of the bald eagle from extinction shows that when we work together, we can make conservation miracles happen.