70th China National Day Photo Exhibition

September 7, 2019 - October 10, 2019

Location: Jiang Ning, Nanjiang

Theme: “Motherland and Me”

Date:  7/Sept. 2019 – 10/Oct. 2019

Sponsors, Organizers, and Co-organizer

  • China Federation of Literary and Art Photography
  • United Front Work Department of the Jiangning District Committee
  • Propaganda Department of the Jiangning District Committee
The 70th anniversary of the founding of the nationally renowned photographers (including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwanese) photographic works of art opened at Jiangning Yilin Tongxin Art Salon Museum! 70 works of well-known national photography cafes were displayed on-site, ranging from historical changes, urban development, and cultural tourism. The multi-angled reproduction of the glorious history of the 70 years since the founding of New China.